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State-of-Customer-Training-2020_CoverCustomer training is no longer an afterthought, but based on results of our second-annual customer training survey, an integral driver to business success.

Claire Schooley, the former lead learning analyst at Forrester, and Barry Kelly, founder & CEO, Thought Industries, conducted a survey in Q1 of 2020 to determine how companies are utilizing customer education as a key differentiator. 

The full results of this survey provide the foundation of the 2020 State of Customer Training Report. Download today to discover: 

  • How technology and learning businesses are approaching their customer training initiatives
  • Key challenges and benefits of customer training today 
  • How customer training has been impacted by COVID-19,  focus shifts for 2020 and how customer training will continue to impact 2021 and beyond

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2020 State of Customer Training Report

Respondents At a Glance


Robust participation from the computer software industry accounted for 48% of the responses. The rest of the respondents were distributed fairly evenly among 18 other industries with no other industry greater than 7%.

88% of companies trained customers, but many trained employees as well (69%), partners (38%), resellers (21%) and members (12%).

The average respondent’s company served around 2,000 customers.

This study attracted companies with 500 or less employees (57%) and 29% of worked for companies with greater than 1000 employees all the way up to 10,000 or more.

Computer software companies emphasize customer training with 26% of respondents were training managers and 25% were involved in customer success.

Onboarding was by far the biggest responsibility of the respondents (75%). All other responsibilities were no more than 29%

About The Authors


Barry Kelly

Barry is a passionate and energetic leader and innovator with a proven track record in web and mobile product development and extensive experience in e-Learning, Internet and social media marketing, and creative digital strategy.  An entrepreneurial thinker who can move from idea to market and build a business.  Strong financial and business skills in budgeting, forecasting, and P&Ls. Experienced communicator and public speaker.

Claire Schooley Square

Claire Schooley

Claire is an expert in corporate learning, recruiting, and performance management technology. Claire Schooley Consulting helps companies find, nurture, and develop talent. Previously, as a principal analyst, Claire led Forrester Research Inc.’s strategic HR practice worldwide in the areas of employee development and selection. This work included research, writing, and speaking engagements.


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Typography, spacing and all elements fit together perfectly for a great aesthetic sense and feeling.
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