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Building Your Customer Training Tech Stack from the Ground Up 

Customer training is a surefire way to improve your customer experience while reducing churn and lowering support costs. But, how do you develop a program that drives measurable business outcomes?

It starts with technology. In our latest eBook, How to Build Your Customer Training Technology Stack from the Ground Up, we walk you through the ever-changing customer success landscape and provide you with steps you can take to improve your own customer experience.

In this eBook we'll cover:

  • How customer training fits into the customer lifecycle, and the types and frequency of training that are best for your organization.
  • How to strategically make the business case, leverage internal stakeholders and create specific use cases that the technology must address.
  • Three critical technology stacking tips from the pros that will save you time, money, and frustration.
  • How to establish an infrastructure to enable delivery and communicate learning opportunities to customers.
Customer Training Technology

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