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Special Episode: 2022 CEdMA Conference

In this special episode from last year's CEdMA Conference, Ryan puts a whole panel of industry experts through the fiery wringer in front of a live audience. Distracted by mouthfuls of flame, our panel (and audience) dish out some of the hottest takes on Customer Education yet.

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What is a trend in Customer Education you would tell people not to focus on?

"I would say chasing perfect. Just figuring out how you can get something imperfectly awesome out the door as quickly as possible. Not always chasing version 5.0, because it'll be there...just not next week."

Matthew Tidwell
Founder & CEO

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Episode 9: Pappa Bear & Teddy's Burning Experience Design

Bear Shelton, Sr. Manager, Customer Education, Lucid

Episode 8: COGNITION22 Live

Katie Barr, Chief Digital Officer, Haymarket Media
Peter Scott, President & CEO, American Pet Products Association

Episode 7: Sweat Promoter Score

Dr. Michael Di Gregorio
Director, Client Onboarding
Top Hat

Episode 6: Skills Wow!

Andrew Temte, Former CEO of Kaplan Professional 
Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries

Episode 5: Great Balls of Fire

GUEST: Melissa Van Pelt
VP Global Education & Advocacy

Episode 4: Purple Unicorn

GUEST: David Guillen
Director of Education

Episode 3: Churn Burn

GUEST: Tyler Foster
Senior Learning Strategist
Thought Industries

Episode 2: Flaming Pedagogy

GUEST: Imtiaz Alam
Merchant Education Lead

Episode 1: Seven Pepper Sauce

GUEST: Dave Derington
Director of Customer Education
Service Rocket

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The Cool Down is the aftershow to Hot Takes livestreamed on LinkedIn. Guests debate the most recent Hot Takes episode, and hosts Ryan Dillon and Tyler Foster will determine whether their take is HOT or COLD. Watch previous episodes on-demand below!

The Cool Down: Sweat Promoter Score

The Cool Down: Skills Wow!

The Cool Down: Purple Unicorn

The Cool Down: Churn Burn

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