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Secrets to Online Learning at Scale: How VitalSmarts Used a Modern LMS to Drive 200% Revenue Growth 


Whether you’re starting a learning program from scratch or adding training content to an existing program -- finding a solution that can support and scale learning operations is critical for long-term business success.

Russ Rollins, Senior Director of Product Technology at VitalSmarts teamed up with Arthur Harrington, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Thought Industries to rethink the VitalSmarts approach to client education. They developed goals to improve B2B content management, leverage both in-person and on-demand training, and focus on reducing operational roadblocks that would, in turn, enhance their overall client education experience.

Discover how Russ Rollins at VitalSmarts met and exceeded his goal of 200% revenue growth -- months ahead of schedule.
In this 60-minute webinar we covered:
  • The challenges professional learning businesses face when scaling their operations, and how the modern LMS can help.
  • How VitalSmarts leveraged the modern LMS to create, manage, design and deliver eLearning content globally.
  • Why VitalSmarts clients enjoyed moving from an entirely instructor-led learning model to a blended learning model
  • How VitalSmarts increased learner engagement by developing ‘moment of need’ learning and real-time feedback.

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