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Applying the Customer Education Playbook for '21 Success


Applying the Customer Education Playbook for 21 Success-1

Let’s stop looking back on 2020 and turn our eyes forward towards a new year filled with new opportunities. In today’s enterprise, an engaging, impactful customer education program is no longer a nice to have but a need to have in order to stay competitive in your marketplace. Whether you are just navigating through building a program or a veteran reevaluating what success looks like or somewhere in between–we’re inviting you and your peers to a Customer Education roundtable focused on the trends and opportunities for your 2021 programs.  

In October 2020, Thought Industries released The Customer Education Playbook, a validated methodology for building, implementing, and evaluating customer education programs. Join Daniel Quick, Senior Director of Product Experience accompanied by leaders from Box, Gong, and Slack as they discuss the key steps to success and their real world applications. Whether you’ve been applying these steps all along or they are helping you start from scratch, you’ll walk away with insights to help you and your customers achieve success.

In this interactive virtual session, get an inside look at how these customer education leaders are putting this methodology into practice, and what they’ve learned along the way:

  • Connect customer education to broader business goals
  • Develop, implement, and distribute a dynamic content strategy
  • Get organizational buy-in and engage your SMEs
  • Identify opportunities to improve and maintain relevance
  • Measure the impact of training on customer success and revenue

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