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Building Resiliency with Continuing Education


Building Resiliency with Continuing Education-1

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is the power of resiliency. Organizations of all shapes and sizes have had to reinvent how they reach their customers, their extended enterprise, and their partners, and many have realized the potential that their learning programs offer to keep their markets engaged, informed, and connected in an increasingly virtual world. 

As a cornerstone for most learning businesses, continuing education is more critical than ever to the sustainability of your brand, your audience, and your operational performance. If you are an organization whose mission is to deliver value and engagement as part of a business-critical education program,  are you leveraging the power of continuing education to build recurring learner interest and outcomes? 

Join Thought Industries CEO, Barry Kelly, to learn more about incorporating continuing education in your learning program--whether you are embarking on a new initiative, or you are looking to maximize your investment to deliver better performance in the long run. 

As part of this webinar, you'll learn to:

  • Engage learners with a dynamic experience
  • Streamline disparate systems with strategic integrations for e-commerce, business tools, and reporting to drive program success
  • Pivot to the new normal: delivering accredited certifications on a virtual basis, after decades of business based on in-person interaction

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