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Don't Just Create Learning Content, Sell It!


Dont Just Create Learning Content, Sell It! (4)

Whether you're selling learning products to individuals or organizations, a strategy for acquiring learners and selling your content to them is as important as creating the content itself. The most successful learning programs on the market today have integrated marketing and pricing strategies to drive brand awareness, retain customers, and produce healthy margins and program growth.  

Join industry expert John Leh for a discussion with Thought Industries CEO, Barry Kelly, as they discuss the many ways to market, package, and sell your learning programs to drive long-term success. 

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Optimize your sales through learning product packaging and pricing strategies. 
  • Leverage marketing and promotional tactics to drive continual interest, market awareness, and performance. 
  • Partner with cross-functional teams in order to maximize and sustain customer value.

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