How to Improve Customer Success with  with Customer Training

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Companies in every industry are in a state of disruption. This is especially true for software, technology, and subscription-based businesses. They must now deliver value at every stage of the customer lifecycle in order to fend off competition and ensure sustainable recurring revenue.

But where do you start and what do you measure? Forward-thinking companies have embraced this challenge by developing customer training programs that deliver a customized learning experience that fosters engagement and product adoption.

Check out this webinar replay with John Ragsdale, distinguished vice president, Service Technology Research, TSIA, and Barry Kelly, CEO at Thought Industries, for this prescriptive 45-minute on-demand webinar that will outline:

  • The rise of customer training and its impact on customer success.
  • Business and customer benefits of ongoing education.
  • The critical components of a customer training program.
  • What training metrics matter, and why.

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