What's The Point of Certification Anyway?


Whats The Point of Certification Anyway_ (1)

When we talk to learning professionals about their strategies, we frequently hear interest in developing certification programs. In fact, in our 2020 State of Customer Training report, 40% of respondents indicated they have developed a certification program for their product(s). But what’s the point of certification? Why does it matter? And what’s the difference between certification, certificates, and badging programs? 

Conventional wisdom is that certifications provide a “signal” to the marketplace on whether learners have gained some level of domain mastery (a product, a subject matter, etc.). While this is certainly true, a certification program offers many other benefits, including deflecting support tickets, generating revenue, and promoting brand awareness. How you define the goals of certification will largely determine your strategy in implementing your program. 

Join certification expert Debbie Smith, Manager of Customer Education at Braze, and Daniel Quick, VP of Learning Strategies at Thought Industries, as they dive into the world of certifications.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to align your certification strategy with your business goals
  • The difference between certifications, certificates, and digital badges
  • Tips and pitfalls of implementing a certification strategy

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