TSIA Webinar- The Consumption Conundrum


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As customer education professionals, we dedicate a lot of time developing content and designing the learning experience. But if no one is consuming that content, then what’s the point?

An effective training content strategy requires adequate planning for distribution and promotion. After all, one of the biggest barriers to product adoption is the extent to which customers consume training content. Education teams should be asking: How will we drive awareness of our content? What channels can we leverage to get training into the hands of customers? How can we partner with other teams to drive traffic to our content? Do we have the right data to measure success?

In this webinar, we will explore different strategies to ensure you are maximizing the impact of your content by driving consumption of it. These strategies include:

  • Leveraging marketing automation to nurture learners through their educational journey.
  • Setting up learner notifications to sustain and encourage content engagement.
  • Collaborating with Sales, Support, Professional Services, Customer Success, and Product to promote education content and attach rates.
  • Tracking and understanding the right data to ensure your content is meeting the goals of your program (i.e., driving product adoption and subscription renewals).
Join Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries, an industry-leading learning platform, as he shares his perspective with TSIA’s Maria Manning-Chapman on developing a strategy around content consumption.

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